Lean for Leaders "Leading in a Lean Culture" - Sponsorship 

The Lean for Leaders series provides leaders with an awareness of Lean in higher education and what it means to lead in a Lean environment. It explores ways for leaders to further lean thinking at all levels of their organizations and throughout the University.  

Intended audience includes anyone in a leadership role

Within one class participants will focus on 2 key areas:

“Leading in a Lean Culture”

  • Driving Transformational change
  • Role of the Leader in a Lean Culture
  • Fostering a Lean culture within your organization and the University
    • Maximizing the Investment
  • Leveraging Incremental Improvements and Lean to drive institutional and organizational goals
  • Innovation and Empowerment


  • Why Lean?
  • Sponsorship defined
  • As a Sponsor
    • What your team expects from you
    • What to expect from the team
  • Lean by the numbers
  • Promoting a Lean culture
    • Maximizing the Investment

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