Quarterly Lean Network Meeting 

This session has passed.

Led by: Dagmar Vlahos , Jean Spear

Holloway Commons - Squamscott Room
Wed., June 28, 2017, 10:30am-12:00pm

This Quarter Meeting will include: - Updates of Lean Activites during the 2nd Quarter 2017; Hear from Chuck Bagley, Lean Green Belt - Cooperative Extension about his Lean journey and the unique ways he is using Lean. There will also be a Q&A with Chuck.; Hands on work - We are looking to create a Lean Executive Community and we are seeking help from the Lean practitioners. Using what you know about Lean you will work with the group at your table to brainstorm what you would like to see from the Lean Executive Committee along with identifying the purpose of the team. This will be a great way to network and an exercise in Brainstorming; we will close out the meeting with upcoming Lean events.

Open to all Lean Practitioners (UNH, USNH, GSC, KSC, PSU)

Quarterly Lean Network Meeting - An opportunity to Network with other practitioners, see what is going on in the Lean space, and learn new skills/tools.  It is a time to share and reflect on the Lean work completed, Lean initiatives in progress, and Lean initiatives that has the potential for future projects.  

Standard Agenda:

Opening Remarks - Lean Network Meeting welcome - 5 min

Showcase Projects - 2 projects will be selected and showcased at the event - 20 min

Showcase Project Panel (Audience Q&A for project team) - 15 min

Learning Activity - 15 min

Announcement of on-campus activities, upcoming events, etc. 10 min

Close meeting/network opportunity