IT Training
photo by Alan Cleaver
photo by Alan Cleaver
IT Training uses a web software service called SSR for scheduling sessions and registering attendees. It is written and maintained here at the University of New Hampshire.

SSR currently supports the following features:

  • self-service user registration
  • mutiple meeting support per session
  • session calendar
  • daily itinerary (session meeting list)
  • wait lists
  • graphical reports
  • suggested and enforced prerequisites
  • instructor, location and registration conflict prevention
  • department chargebacks via POs
  • attendance tracking
  • much, much more...
Project Manager
change management and community support
Cathy Annese

Nancye Jenkins
Pete Larimer
Dan Corbeil
Trent Cavicchi
Bryan Scovill
Bruce Hasfjord
Diane Byron

architecture and code
Marcus Del Greco

Process Designers
ideas and inspiration
Cathy Annese
Kathi Derby
Donna Adjutant
Linda Sullivan
April Rau
Chris VanHorn
Christine McFarland
Jennifer Scully
Kathy Lewis
Dan Blickensderfer

quality assurance
Cathy Annese
Bruce Davies
Bill Cassidy
HDPS Staff

with many thanks
Bill Costa
Paul Sand

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