IT Training

NCSAM: Apple Security

Memorial Union Building (MUB) - Room 332
Wed., October 23, 2019, 10:00am-12:00pm

Led by: IT Security Team

This session has passed.

Apple Security Consulting Engineer, Dan Flynn, will be presenting an overview of Apple security features. This will be presented from the threat perspective covering how Apple has implemented various hardware and software features to combat various vulnerability vectors. Apple will be discussing an overview of how Apple has designed iOS and macOS with security at the core. Come to this event to get an introduction to security features built into iOS and macOS.

  • Understand the security architectures of iOS and macOS and how to integrate them into your enterprise.
  • Hear how system security is designed so both software and hardware are secure across all components of every iOS device.
  • Discover the advanced technologies in macOS and Mac hardware that work together to constantly monitor, encrypt, and update every Mac.
  • Hear about the privacy measures Apple employs to protect a user’s information.
  • See network technologies from Apple, Cisco and others are built with security at the core.
  • Learn how iOS provides layers of protection to ensure that apps are signed, verified, and sandboxed to protect user data.