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Matthew Connors

Matt works with UNH Information Technology as a VMWare, VDI, Exchange, Fileshare, and Advanced-Authentication professional.

Matt has diverse experience in both technical and business solutions, meeting unique challenges in both IT and Business Policy development, implementation, and management.  Formal education and certification in Project Management, PMP, Master of Science Project Management, ITIL.

Matthew Connors Leads:

CourseLeaf (Vendor)

CourseLeaf Catalog is a catalog management solution designed for intuitive editing, manageable workflows and on demand publishing to web, mobile, tablet and print PDF platforms. CAT integrates and syncs with student information systems, flags errors and provides summary reports to deliver an academic catalog website that accurately reflects an institution's programs

Paul DeMello

Paul DeMello Leads:

Katherine Derby

Katherine Derby (Derb) is the Manager of UNH IT Communications and ITSM Development, two groups within UNH IT Client Services. She coordinates the marketing, outreach, digital content, and social media presence for UNH Information Technology and manages the IT Service Management developers.

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Katherine Derby Leads:

Martin England

Martin England
UNH IT Communications

Staff Writer 

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) staff

Tableau and WebIntelligence (WebI) sessions are taught by members of the EIM (Enterprise Information Management) team - the team formerly named MR (Management Reporting).   EIM is a unit within ETS (Enterprise Technology Services).  EIM is responsible for the development of published WebI reports used during training sessions. Instructors have strong training and customer service backgrounds and enjoy working with adult learners on using WebI reporting to be more efficient and effective in their jobs.  The reporting areas we have regularly scheduled monthly WebI sessions for include Finance, UNH FAMIS, UNH GradSchool, UNH Student, and UNH Remedy/BMC Reporting.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) staff Leads:

Eleta Exline

Eleta Exline is the Scholarly Communication Librarian at the UNH Library. She oversees the UNH Scholars' Repository, the Library's Digital Collections, and advises on scholarly publishing, Open Access, and related technologies.

Emily Girard

Procurement Business Partner for USNH

Emily Girard Leads:

Deb Hudson

UNH Procurement Services

Deb Hudson Leads:

Jennifer McArdle

Leads: The End of Privacy? How the Digital Age is Undermining Privacy and What to Do About It


National Cybersecurity Awareness Month presentation on privacy

Jennifer McArdle Leads:

Lean Black Belt Instructor

For Lean Green Belt Facilitation - Lean Black Belt Instructor will be available to mentor

Lean Black Belt Instructor Leads:

Anna Lefebvre


Sabrina McKeown

Sabrina McKeown Leads:

Michael Leking

Mr. Leking is one of four regionally deployed Department of Homeland Security Cyber Security Advisors (CSAs). CSAs convey current information on emerging cyber threats, federal initiatives and technology, and training opportunities, keeping communities informed and maintaining a working partnership across national, regional, and local programs in cyber security.  Over the last two years, Mr. Leking has developed relationships with critical infrastructure owners and operators and state and local governments throughout the Northeast region. 

Michael Leking Leads:

Donna Marie Sorrentino

Cyberbullying's Impact:  When Does it Go Too Far?

Donna Marie Sorrentino Leads:

Dagmar Vlahos

Dagmar Vlahos is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a Lean Black Belt; receiving her Six Sigma Black Belt training from Fidelity Investments focusing on operational excellence and customer quality.  She continued her Lean training with the state of NH and in 2015 she received her Lean Black Belt through the State of NH Bureau of Education.  Dagmar is a member of the Lean Executive Committee (LEC) at the State of NH, participates in the State of NH Lean Network and in partnership with the State of NH organized NH Lean Summit at UNH.  She has expertise in Full Project Life Cycle Methodologies, Workflow analysis / process reengineering, Continuous Improvement of Operational Processes including building/optimizing organizational processes, measurement systems, and infrastructure.  

Currently a Senior Process Engineer with the UNH Project Management Office,  Dagmar’s experience includes over 15 years of various project management, analyst and management roles.  In addition to her role at UNH she has held roles such as Director, Human Resources Service Delivery Excellence;  Director, Managed Payroll and HR/Payroll Software Support;   Senior Customer Account / Project Manager.

Dagmar Vlahos Leads:

Tyler Wentworth

Tyler Wentworth Leads:

Stephanie Widger

Manchester Local Trainer