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Lean Green Belt Certification Training

Learn how to guide a group through the Lean process via facilitation skills. Additionally, you will learn the techniques needed to deal with a range of challenges when initiating organizational change while supporting the project team during the project team development stages. Someone who obtains a Green Belt is the core "boots on the ground" Lean practitioner.

Pre-Certification for Green Belt Requirements:

1. Successful completion of the 4.5 day Yellow Belt Certification program
2. Discussion with your manager the post-Green Belt Certification requirements

By participating in this course you will be provided credit for attending the classroom portion of the class. You must attend and participate in all 4 days fully to receive credit for the classroom portion of the Lean Green Belt Certification.

To obtain Green Belt Certification you will be required to facilitate a project team from Project Documentation to Sell to the Sponsor either:

1. During an upcoming Yellow Belt class while being observed by a Lean Master Black Belt or
2. Outside of a Yellow Belt class for a Lean project team which will require a certified Lean Master Black Belt to observe

Post Green Belt Certification ongoing Requirements:

In order to maintain the Green Belt, a person must either:
- Participate in at least one Lean event on a yearly basis whether it is within your department; for another department
- Facilitator for a Lean Yellow Belt Certification training

Green Belts will be asked to assist in the facilitation of Lean events either within your department or somewhere within the university.
Green Belts will be recognized as Lean facilitators within their department and at the university.
Green Belts will operate as a facilitator, Lean team leader, A3 thinker, 5s Coordinator, and communicator of Lean initiatives within the university.

Those who achieve Green Belt status will not only be individual Lean practitioners but also assist the USNH Enterprise Lean team in fostering a positive Lean culture across the university system. You will be asked to be an active member of the USNH Lean Community.

Please ensure that by enrolling in this class you are able to meet the Green Belt Certification requirements as well as the post-certification requirements. It is recommended that you review this information with your manager prior to enrolling in the certification program. We are here to answer any questions so please do not hesitate to contact us directly at or

This class is offered FREE to all USNH Faculty and Staff; however; please note that if you withdraw from the class within 10 days of the class start date or do not show up for the class your department may incur a charge of $400.00 to cover preparation work to create the teams along with preparation work for the program.

Please contact Dagmar Vlahos or Thomas Lencki Jr. of the USNH Enterprise Lean Team with any questions

Prerequisite: Lean Yellow Belt Certification

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